The L-L in the Corporate World



Back again for the first time…straight from my cubicle in a Fortune 500. Personally, I never thought I’d find myself working in a large corporation and in many ways my background isn’t really a fit for it  but here I am.

For the next eleven weeks I’ll be interning with a large company in the Midwest and I’m living in the Chicago area. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I’m finding myself more inclined to make music, write plays (extremely odd for me), and watch movies. Maybe as I get into the grind of things it’ll become likable. At least I hope so. (Either way I’m making BANK!)


The city is cool. The skyline is a dope. The people aren’t assholes and the food is straight fueg. I even hit the beach…


Until the next post. Peace.

  • Raƒi

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