WTF is Art Rap


For a period of time I’ve been referring to the music I make as Art Rap, though lately I’ve been doing it a lot less.

I always thought I was being original with the thought since I was using artistic expression as a metaphor for life and all of its struggles. But I was wrong.

Open Mike Eagle, contemporary of Hip Hop artists like Busdriver and Nocando, dropped an interesting (and hilarious) skit called “WTF is Art Rap” back in 2010 (before I was deep in the rap). My favorite line from it has to be “I’m bout to aggressively point out my favorite elements of a Van Gogh painting”. Good shit.

And for those who were wondering:

Art rap “is the continuation of the lofty concepts embodied by Jean-Michel Basquiat, K-Rob and Rammellzee (RIP) back in ’83 — hip-hop as high art. After all, TV on the Radio makes art-rock, and No Age can make art-punk.”

Speak your mind

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