Guest Post : The Gentrification of Brooklyn From the Perspective of a Brooklynite


The same thing is happening to Overtown, slowly but surely, and who can forget Carol City (now part of Miami Gardens). My mom’s in real estate so I was saying that term before anyone else was picking up on it.


A couple of years ago I heard of a project that would displace a couple thousand people to make way for a grandiose stadium.

People were being kicked out of their homes, in order to make way for high rise apartments and a place that people could play basketball.

But our basketball team sucks and certainly didn’t need another stadium because they had Madison square garden.

The Atlantic yards project a Project that would build high rises around the surrounding Atlantic-Pacific Area also gave birth to The Barclay’s center, home of the Brooklyn Nets…. Our first major sports team since the Dodgers abandoned us and high tailed it over to LA in 1957. I bet this made us think for a second….Yes, Brooklyn as we thought is the best

And for now it still is, but while Brooklyn has become more famous over the years, we have lost something in exchange for this…

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