La Lupe “Como Acostumbro” and the Corporate World


I thought I would make a series of “The Liminal Lyricist in the Corporate World” but I couldn’t think of a lot of different things to say about it. In short, I’m not that big of a fan.

So instead of trying to squeeze the lemonade out of my summer experience, I thought I do something a little more creative and fun:


My relationship with the work I do is one of continuous feedback. It’s a relationship. I make music/film/art, find the process satisfying, the product satisfying, and then get another level of satisfaction out of people’s reactions and vibes.

My relationship with the corporate environment I’m interning in can be summed up by la cancion Como Acostumbro” by Cuban singer La Lupe. You can hear it here:

Basically, for all the people who don’t understand spanish (I’m in that group most of the time) La Lupe sings about a difficult relationship with a lover. Though she dotes on him and is affectionate, he never reciprocates her feelings. She stays because she is in love with him.

This is where I differ from her. I’ve put in a decent amount of work in the past couple of weeks (I’m no rock star) and I naturally try and give 100% of myself to any job I do. But it’s hard.

In my normal feedback cycle, there might be a huge gap of time between the finalizing of the product and the engaging with the audience through performance/presentation, but the process and product are satisfying.

At my internship, though there are some really cool things I’m working on, the process isn’t rewarding in the slightest. My favorite part of any day is not putting in work. It’s putting in time with the people around me via meeting or cubicle chat.

And I’m definitely not getting paid $600 a week to talk with co-workers (it is part of the job description though).

I won’t complain that much about the corporate system when I’m gone, because I see that it works for some people. I know quite a few interns that really like the projects they are doing, but for me, the work doesn’t necessarily justify the opportunity cost of a whole summer away from the cultural scene I’d like to root myself in.

Also, I realize that doing the same type of work for a different company might be a little better. If I was doing communications for a music, art, or film company…it might be better.

But there as an intern, I wouldn’t be able to buy the dslr camera that I really want.

For now, the money’s enough of a motivator for me to stay, but come August 8th, I may never log into a corporate intranet site again. And that’s just me…

What are your thoughts on the corporate world? For those, who are a lot older than I, when has the need to make money forced you to stop pursuing the things that made you the happiest? And if they haven’t, what are you doing to meet your personal and career goals? (Are they even separate?)

Let me know,


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