New camera…..


There are a few moments in life every person will never. For some it’s getting their first big promotion, getting their first car (one of mine for sure), or having their first child (God forbid-too soon), and for me it’s the day I got my first camera.

I’ve been interested in owning a camera for quite some time, but going to an affluent school with above average camera equipment always made the desire simply a desire and I try to reserve big spending for needs or near needs. Well, “not no more”. I am now the proud owner of a Canon 5D Mark III!!

Thanks to the wonderful folks who hired me to work for the Midwestern company I’ve been interning at for 11 weeks. I haven’t named her quite yet, but I swear she’s the one. She’ll be here through many a longterm girlfriend, many a wedding, baby shower, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So keep your eyes peeled cause I’ll be putting together some great video content for quite some time! (The rest of my life). Just me and my Mark III.

What are some days you’ll never forget? Want to hear back.



It even takes great (promise this is the last one)

It even takes great selfies…lol (promise this is the last one)

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