Senior Year Blues


It’s not quite an itis, but I can feel the pangs of Senior Year already. I’m not sure if its the 2,000 new faces who can vote for the first time this year, or the ever-looming portal to the real world, but something is making senior year less of a party and more of a syringe of severe discomfort. The rock between a hard place that is extremely foreign. It’s not all bad though. 

Some major differences last year to this:

I’ve got a great roommate. Living with one of your best friends could be a recipe for disaster, but no matter how bad the possibilities, they can’t be worse than my living situation last year.

My classes are pretty interesting/informative. No matter how much I’d like to say I’m never going corporate again, there is a high possibility I may return. Quantitative Research Methods are both interesting and important to non Media related Communications roles. Russian Cinema will be a textbook in the real tastemakers of the early era. I’ve got a repeat professor for the third time, and I’m taking a course where we analyze Good Times and Martin. Safe to say, we’ve got it. 

Those big ups aside, the downs don’t look so bad. I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, but I’ll be coming back with more thought blogs and music/entertainment things as well. Stay on the look out and have a great last few weeks of summer.



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