One of the hardest decisions for young filmmakers is “what kind of movies should I make?”. I’m no exception.

While I am always wowed by the amazing films of history and recent years, I never felt the same kind of pull to them. Though my favorite filmmaker is Sydney Lumet, a fiction director, and my favorite cinematographer is Bradford Young, a fiction cinematographer, I can’t see myself making purely fictional films for any extended period of time.

Truly the form of visual media that captures me the most is documentary film and video and I’ve finally made up my mind to not direct or write purely fictional films (what does that mean?) That’s not to say I won’t work on them or do various other roles, but my creative investment as a writer or director (excluding collaborative projects) will be reserved for non-fiction.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going to become hyper-invested in newsreels and political films: I’m invested in the deeper feels of humanity. The humanity that fiction films draw on, and that many documentary films hope to provoke.

One of the most beautiful films of the past year was “Cutie & the Boxer”, a story about the complex relationship between two married Japanese artists and the world around them. These explorations of real spaces that aren’t real to so many are the types of films I hope to create.

In all honesty, I hope to show the world that we’re not so different after all.

Let me know what your goals and dreams are. Would love to hear them.



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