The fact that I am a human being. Why isn’t that enough?


It’ll never be ok. I’m proud of my friend Ibi for being strong enough to share this. And I’m praying for the women and men who aren’t.


I’m not at all comfortable about what I am about to say but to keep the integrity of this blog, I want to report on my experiences, both good and bad. I was inspired by my friend last night to write about my feelings as a form of therapeutic release.
About a week ago, I was walking back from the fair at night along with my two friends. We were about two blocks away from our homes and about a block away from the police station when I heard a car approaching us from behind. Because it was nighttime, I was aware just from the sound that the car was moving slowly behind me. The roads in Xela are rocky and uneven so it was not completely unusual circumstance. I made a comment to my friends however and shifted slightly to the left out of the path of the car…

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