On Raven Symone, Jennifer Cramblett, and Black Identity: A Lesson on What We Value.


The brother David C. Turner III shares some great insight on the value of color and the cultures that are connected to our phenotypes.

YBA (Young Blackademic)

Earlier this week, I gave a presentation about urban education and youth activism to an Art Education Class.

In the Art ed class, we talked about the importance of race, identity, and using inequality as a medium to instruction as opposed to a barrier to instruction. 

After the presentation, I split the class into two groups, and told them to design a lesson plan where they use inequality or the culture of the kids to teach an art technique or some form of art.

Then the nonsense happened.

Both groups told me that the students should not paint skin color, because they should see “more than the color of someone’s skin.” Another group even said that “the color of someone’s skin shouldn’t be that special.”

My heart sank.

After one hour of telling them that RACE MATTERS, and 6 weeks of their instructor telling them that race matters, they still…

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