Young Black Radical – Introductory Poem


I’ve been AWOL for quite some time, but I plan on coming back to writing more since I’ve been reading more. I’m starting a new segment called Young Black Radical which will feature short poems, rap verses, videos, film reviews, and critical pieces around the topic of Young Black Radical.

On the name: I debated between the title: New Black Radical and Young Black Radical due to the connotation of the term New Black and how it’s being used today. In many ways, the idea of New Black is extremely problematic in that it denotes a separation from the legacy of Blackness in America and the world at large. I refuse to align myself with such notions. The title Young Black Radical fits the purpose of the pieces that will be included in that: they are the works of young (16-26 year old) Black people who identify in some way as radical. Simply, ideas and beliefs that strongly deviate from what has been defined as the status quo.

Without further ado, here’s a poem titled Young Black Radical:

Black in the age of President Obama.

Drama is now subtle realistic life-like.

Drama used to be opera used to be soaps 

theatre shows for the night life

paintings with vivid stories, you could lose yourself in

lengthy musical melodies and orchestrations.

Black in the age of President Obama. 

They call the US a Post-Racial Nation.

Until next time. Peace.


The Liminal Lyricist

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