Young, Black, Radical: Turnings


For one of my classes we had to submit turnings, or short reflections on aspects of our class, which is giving us a broad overview of apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa.

Here are the three poem-ish things I wrote. I also did a bit of a critique, but I’ll be expanding that into another YBR post soon:

1. You strike a rock. You’ve struck a woman.

To hurt a woman is to hurt your mother.

To hurt a woman is to hurt your daughter.

To hurt a woman is to hurt your aunt, your sister, your grandmother, and your cousin.

You strike a woman, you strike yourself.

I’ve had the privilege to understand a little about Mother Earth from my Lakota/Dakota roommate.

What does it mean to strike Mother Earth? To strike the true provider of life and sustenance.

You strike a rock. You’ve struck a woman.

Moses struck a rock. He was banned from the Promised Land.

He did what was easy.

You strike a rock. You’ve struck a woman.

2. What does it mean Black Consciousness?

Some called it radical. Some called it hateful. Some called it reverse racist.

I call it human. It takes a mixture of superhuman and supernatural to turn the other cheek and forgive. It is very human to neither forget nor forgive. It is sheep-like to forgive and forget. For it is in the remembering that we grow and evolve.

As a whole we’re in a state of amnesia of the past. Oral traditions get lost when the original tongues are ripped out. Written traditions merely recall the pain of the past when the educated mind only finds a culture of collective forgetfulness. Human is to continue walking down the path of forgiveness while refusing to forget how the past has made you. And it is human to falter.



Escape from Foucault.


Escape from Baudelaire.


Escape from Leopold.


Escape from Hobbes.


Escape from Socrates.


Escape from Kant.


Escape from Hegel.


Escape from Kierkegaard.


Detour at Ghandi.


Detour at Confucius


Detour at Amaru.


Detour at Sitting Bull.


Stop at Mandela.

Stop at Du Bois.

Stop at Biko.

Stop at Malcolm.

Stop at MLK Jr.

Stop at Kwame Toure.

Stop at Angela.

Stop at Assata.

Stop at Huey.

Stop at Fred.

Stop at Bobby.

Start again with yourself. 

This was definitely a fun exercise. I’ll be back soon,



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