Props to Baz: BazilleDX “Tanka”


Now that I’m a few months out of college, I’ve gotten more used to not seeing many of my best friends on a regular basis anymore. I’ve had to say bye to the young poets, activists, scholars, and athletes who I’ve come to see as a family and I’m finally able to move on. However, we still stay in touch and I’m happy to be able to share in their successes.

One of my best friends from school Talon, is continuing to do great things as Hip Hop artist BazilleDX and just came off an extended interview with radio show Native Trailblazers, where something like 500,000 people got to hear him talk about his music and the stories he tells.

Today, he’s released his third free project this year Tanka, a Dakota/Lakota term for “big” and a nickname his mom’s family gave him. It’s 18 tracks of the same high-quality sample based Hip Hop that he’s been making for almost eight years now.

Check it out, I know you’ll enjoy it!

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