A Trip to Philly #NextChapter #BlackProfessional


Hey all; hope you’ve been well,

I meant to write a little sooner, but I was spending a work week in Philadelphia (where I recently graduated from Penn) before stepping further into life as a professional. And honestly, after an intense six weeks of reflection, teaching, and learning, I really needed it.

There’s something rejuvenating about seeing the people that really helped you make it through college once you’ve begun life as a professional. In my week I spent a time with my good friend Talon, my mentors at the Greenfield Intercultural Center, members of the #POCMovieSociety, and the University Chaplain and got a good reminder of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

As much as I’ll miss the university environment, it was hard not to see that my time had already passed. As I performed a 3-song set during a Pre-Freshmen Program Open Mic, I noted the glazed over and young eyes that were staring back at me. Many of them had a great deal of talent in poetry and spoken word, but they are young. Most of them hadn’t lived away from their parents or family. Most them haven’t had to be completely responsible for themselves. I realized that even I, who’s going to live at home while I work, have more responsibility than they will for the next few years. I’m in a different place in life.

And I’m excited. Scared as hell. Worried that I won’t be able to teach at a school that is twenty minutes from home. Worried that I won’t be able to adequately manage my classes. Worried that I won’t be organized enough to handle everything. But excited nonetheless.

Thanks to everyone who made my week so special. I’m charging into the next chapter of my life with gusto because of the peace that you all gave me.

I’ll have more to share soon,



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