Life Gives You…Lots


Hi all, it’s been too long;

My life at school has been utterly eye-opening. All of my faults seemed to become magnified as I handle dealing with a large number of different parents and children and teachers and principals and county representatives. Where my AP classes seem to be getting more and more content practice, my regular classes are getting less and less.

To remedy that, life has given me help. I just need to be less afraid to get the real truth from those around me.

As expected, I’m terrible at classroom management, not because I am (in some cases I am), but because I’m very different. Part of any job is learning how to meet people’s expectations while maintaining your own sense of self. I need to find a way to be my life loving, caring, and invested self while also appropriately punishing students who do not follow instructions or that are continuously off task.

Easier said than done, but that’s a reality in life.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue doing what I do best and spending my time wisely. Part of that means really doing my homework and thinking through every part of my lesson. That also means doing the deep reading several times before I begin teaching a lesson (something that I’ve been neglecting and it shows). I know that I’m my absolute best when I know my stuff, but I can’t know my stuff unless I do my homework.

I’m also going to show my students through example that improvement is always possible. I may not be the tightest, strictest, or most talented teacher, but I will be the most tenacious. I’ll be there to teach if I’m at 40, 50, or 100. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to always put in the effort.

Case in point: I was in a car accident two weeks ago on my way to school. As a result, my car was (officially announced yesterday) totaled and I missed most of my first period. I came to school ready to teach the other three to the best of my ability. Nothing’s going to hold me back.

Realistically, I may not be cut out for teaching in the long run. I’m my best self when I can develop individual relationships and the classroom isn’t always the best place for that. However, until my commitment is over I won’t let those ideas or thoughts hold me back. I’ve got to give it my all and make changes day by day to ensure that my students get the best me that there is to get each and every day.

I’ll be praying for success!


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