“IntraStellar is a short conceptual journey to 3051. I’ve left home (and school) and deal with the various problems that arise. Consider this album a reverse time capsule.” (

I’m undeniably a loser. lololol.

I have no real desire to be famous for rapping or making music, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want my music to become a serious part of my professional and professorial life. As I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into this music (5.5 years of writing and performing raps this January), I’ve really started to see the intersections of where music and my other interests come together. And every project has been a challenge at finding the interstices (liminal spaces :D) between all of my interests.

My newest album (really my first album) IntraStellar takes a general interest in outer space and merges it with manga, anime, movies, TV, oppression, isolation, love, and life. From the re-imagined show of braggadocio (“Atmosphere”) to the nuanced pining for a world that isn’t broken (“HOME”) I made attempts to make serious commentary, analysis, and expression from source materials that many people consider silly or simply entertaining.

I can’t say it’s a perfect medley. I’ll admit that I’ve got a long way to go in terms of truly balancing a mix and for my first attempt at a master…this is one hundred percent disgusting, but that’s part of my game. I thought about spending the money for true mastering, but I decided that in the spirit of the liminal space between college and career (brokeness), I’d continue with the D-I-Y approach. And that’s not for everyone.

I’ve done sets where I’ve given no context and jumped right into the raps. Those have been poorly received by non-rapper audiences. I’ve done sets with more context that have been poorly received by non-rap AND rap audiences.

I’ve come to realize from conversations and reflections that my shits not for every toilet. My words aren’t for every person: not because the message itself isn’t universal, but because the medium isn’t for everyone. I try not to be literal (“I’m Rorschach with the writtens”) and if that has me “isolated and alone out here”, then that’s not a problem.

If Stephen King, MF Doom, David Lynch, and other left fielders can make a mark on their respective art forms, I’m not really mincing words or messages. I’ll continue honing my craft until I can hit that long tail, no matter how long it takes.

With that said, please listen to my new album IntraStellar. If you like it, download it! If you don’t, take another listen in a few days, and keep coming back. I’m aiming to make that one project that really connects with you.

Thanks for reading, listening, and caring.

You are appreciated,


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