Sunday Soliloquys: Floating


For the most observant, it’s probably obvious that it isn’t quite Sunday anymore. I had some events today that messed up my timing and my schedule, but before it gets to deep into Monday, here’s my Sunday Soliloquy for the week (I did take last week off).

Today I’m thinking about floating. What it is to be meandering and not feel like who you are or what you are doing is progressing you very far. I believe that everyone feels like they’re just floating in place periodically, but some feel it a lot more than others. There is something inherently uncomfortable about stagnation, and there is a push and a resistance in our society to break out of the state of stagnation and begin moving on again.

Many successful late career entrepreneurs made the decision to start their most successful company after realizing that they were essentially floating in the ranks of middle management at their long held jobs. Many successful artists, entertainers, and other individuals have made major life changes that have resulted in greater success after a period of floating. What I’m getting at is this feeling of floating, not feeling like you’re making much progress (and conversely also aren’t regressing), is extremely natural and can be very beneficial in the long run. Short term you’ll feel like you aren’t amounting to very much, you’ll doubt your abilities and your dreams, you might even consider doing drastic things to make a change, but these can all be very good things.

At the beginning of 2017…at the midpoint of my school year, I honestly feel like I’m floating. I am making changes. But most of those changes feel very cosmetic and largely superficial. A driving commitment to new social habits is making me feel better, but it isn’t necessarily making me feel more productive socially, occupationally, or emotionally.

However, I must still embrace this moment of floating. I’ll consider it a period of brainstorming and potential recharging where most things are legitimately on some sort of meandering autopilot. I’m actively thinking about how, in this time of meandering and feeling stagnant, I can lay the foundations for a much more active and productive feeling in my next stage, in my next season. Even if these actions feel minute and don’t do a lot for me in the short term, I have to trust myself to take minor actions now that can lead to much better benefits and success later on. And in many ways, that’s the period of floating.

To end: A lot of people have this idea that the most important part of working is actually getting things done. Building the bridge. Performing the show. Presenting the project. I personally do get a lot of enjoyment out of the presentation part of working (which if you remember I don’t feel like I’m getting very much as a teacher). I couldn’t in good conscience say that they’re wrong in most ways about those thoughts. Nevertheless, I would like to challenge people to consider WHY these moments feel so impactful. Before a brick was laid for a building, it required some sort of floating…some sort of intangible planning or some sort of dead period that inspired this life.

For me, understanding the taste of bitterness makes the sweet even sweeter. To truly know success, you have to understand failure. And in this case, to truly appreciate and feel progress, you have to understand stagnation. You have to float and relish those moments. They may be the only time where you aren’t or don’t feel too busy to really reflect.

Have a good week y’all,



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