Sunday Soliloquy: For the Future


This one will be very short.

I’ve been dealing with various problems that essentially boil down to egos. Everyone, myself included, feels like they’re doing the right thing. Our plan and our decision is going to make the best outcomes. They will lead us to the place that we wanted to go. No one else’s. Only mine.

Something that I’m learning and re-learning this year, is that even with more open communication, value differences still lead to clashes and conflicts. I try not to lash out with my emotions, and I make a concentrated effort to make logical decisions, especially when it involves other people. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll escape every situation without awkward, annoying, or harsh moments.

At times, because of other people’s egos, and because of my own, there are clashes no matter how logical and long-term my focus is. I’d even admit that because I have a very long-term mentality, that creates clashes. Many people prioritize immediate and short-term pleasures in their interactions with others, and my focus generally circumvents, at best, and interferes, at worst, with those priorities. Nevertheless, I don’t adjust that focus unless it is absolutely necessary.

For the sake of the greatest future, whether it be weeks, months, or years away, I try to make decisions that have the most net positive impact. It may be uncomfortable (it often is), but in very few cases has it left me feeling like a true failure.

It’s not easy; it’s not even fun, but it definitely gets the job done.

For the future, you often have to make the unpopular and uncomfortable decision. Spend that extra hour with your children, even when you really need a break. Spend that extra hour in the gym, even when you want to go clubbing. Work with people that challenge you, because they’ll really help you grow.

Have a great week,



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