IntraStellar is a project that takes on the vastness of space from the vantage point of a Black astronaut in 3051 who is fleeing from Earth and all of his problems. Released on November 16th, 2015.

Yadeidni is a project that reflects on what the 4th of July means to an oppressed person in America. Released on Independence Day, 2015, Yadeidni is a small piece of what is to come.

BazilleDX and Raƒi are RedFist: Religious Candles & Rationalizations. Released Late Winter of 2014, the project features the two compadres and Internet Radio show hosts trading verses about music, relationships, religion, and life.

URSA: The Spring Emergence is the first serious EP by Raƒi. Released Spring of 2013, URSA tackles issues related to the innate “primitive” behavior of humanity. It features production from BazillaBeats (BazilleDX), //Prophesy., and Cee Smith (Unnamed).

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